We are Wild Asia...

It is our privilege to present to you from the inside, the teeming and variegated wild life that enriches the totality of Asia. In this way we are unique. We ensure to show our viewers "The Real Wild Stories" while promoting Sri Lankan fauna and flora around the globe, establishing Sri Lanka as a tourist friendly country where both local and foreign tourists can enjoy the breath-taking wildlife and nature.


We are distinct from the average wildlife documentaries that observe the ways of the denizens of the wild so detachedly. Those always present their content from the outside, without any kinship with the beings of the wilderness. And their outlook and attitude is occasionally even adverse towards the animal kingdom.


They look upon beings of the wild as those that must be stalked – it’s just that the camera has replaced the gun.

Wild Asia on the other hand are true friends of the wild. To us the creatures’ habitat and ours is one and the same. We live in harmony with them, among them. We are part and parcel of their lives. We feel them breathing. We are familiar with all their traits.


And this allows us to intimately know the paths they tread and the lives they lead – about their births, friendships, conflicts, courtships, mating and finally deaths. One may even say that the birds and beasts of the wild accept us as their own. This is no surprise really – after all, our lives are spent mostly in the jungle with them.


In these ways, the Wild Asia Team is almost the ‘representative’ of the wild folk of the jungle.

It is because of this background that we can be the unparalleled recorders and chroniclers of Wild Asia.

While we need to dwell for long periods in the jungles of Asia, we are always discreet and take care never to disturb the homes and daily lifestyles of its inhabitants. In this we are also very sensitive in the selection and use of the equipment we use for our recording.


All of these make us the only outstanding team in the area of documenting the wildlife of Asia. With the considerable experience we have been able to garner over the years in the cinematography of wildlife, we appear before the world as distinguished and sensitive portrayers of authentic wildlife; showing it as it really is.

This is our bow before the global audience.